Be completely free to Focus on Your New Baby as You
Blossom into Parenthood
Hope holds space for you, Baby, and whatever else life throws your way. Why Hire me?
Held by Hope - Supported Birth & Postpartum
Held by Hope - Supported Birth & Postpartum
Held by Hope - Postpartum philosophy


What in the world is a DOULA??

This is your motherhood. Your fatherhood. Your parenthood. Your baby. Your family. Your journey into the unknown. And you deserve someone unabashadly cheering you on. Whether you’re looking into support in your first trimester, or scrolling frantically through this page with hardly a free hand and patting a finally sleeping baby with your other, let me hold you up physically, emotionally, spiritually—in a completely different way than any other member of your team. As a postpartum doula, and lactation counselor, and Breastfeeding Without Birthing Instructor, that’s EXACTLY what I do.





With over 10 years of experience working with hundreds of families in the twin cities metro area, Hope brings warmth and sensitivity as she shares tips, tools, and hacks for new parents. She’s here to support you postpartum whether you bring your baby home after vaginal birth, c-section, adoption, surrogacy or other circumstances. What does a postpartum doula do? She’s available for your emotional and physical recovery, can help with infant care and feeding and third help with everything else around your home. She can help you go from controlled chaos, to a composed calm– not to mention giving you a method to the madness.




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