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And she’s a postpartum doula extraordinaire. If you’re looking to reduce your chances of depression and and anxiety postpartum, recognize the signs of postpartum psychosis, help your baby get started with breastfeeding, make milk without having been pregnant, look into options for relactation or boosting milk production, bring sanity to your sleep deprived life, a little cleanliness to your home or a comforting meal warming in your oven, look no further.

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My passion is to support parents to be empowered and find their perfect parenting style as they bring their babies home after birth, adoption, or surrogacy, giving them the care they need to be filled, so that they can therefore pour into their babies. It is my delight to journey with parents of all ages and backgrounds through ups and downs of motherhood and fatherhood. All families are incredibly unique and deserve care as distinguished as their special backgrounds and preferences. For the past 12 years I have been honored to walk with families during their fourth trimester.

I have been certified as a Postpartum doula through DONA International,  and I am currently certified as a Lactation Counselor through Healthy Children, as well as currently certified as a Breastfeeding Without Birthing instructor.

I live in Minneapolis with my husband and have the honor of mothering my two children that I call my little “miracles”. My 5 year old daughter came to us through adoption and I had the beautiful experience of helping to catch her when she entered the world, as well as induce lactation in order to nurse her for two years. Then, I very unexpectedly became pregnant with my second miracle baby, now 2, who was born at home with the loving support of my doulas, midwives, support of my partner and his big sister.


years experience as a postparum doula

Supporting families with singletons or multiples go from chaos to calm.


babies served & counting

Acknowledged and welcomed into this world with love and acceptance.


births attended

Across the Minneapolis St. Paul Metro area, at home, in birth centers, or hospitals.



Held as Postpartum Doula, Lactation Counselor, Breastfeeding Without Birthing Instructor and more.

Held by Hope | Freedom


To be who you are and make the choices that are right for you. Hope can give you information about your options. There is never judgement about making the birth or parenting choice that feels best to you.

Held by Hope | Calm


Breathe in, breathe out. With her gentle spirit, Hope will help guide you so that you can be less fearful of what is to come, and embrace the beautiful journey of birth. Hope specializes in bringing you comfort measures to help you get through, moment by moment, and those that can shorten your birthing time.

Held by Hope | More Milk

More Milk

Hope has specialized training to help you maximize your production. She is a Breastfeeding Without Birthing instructor, informing adoptive mothers, intended mothers, and non-gestational lesbian mothers of their options for inducing lactation so that they can nurse their babies, even if they are not making any milk.

Hear what mothers are saying

Hope is patient, loving, calm, a great listener, and very supportive. She has the ability to listen so well and make a person feel cared about.

Tara Anderson
Birth Doula & Postpartum Assistance client

It was great having someone to explain my birth plan to the hospital staff so that I could focus on my labor. This also allowed my husband focus on me.

Jina Nelson
Postpartum Assistance client

Everything she did was wonderful! I would say her lactation support was most valuable. She was outstanding in her guidance and support as I began to nurse my newborn.

Pallavi Dixit
Birth Doula client
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