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It is my hope and doula philosophy that each family can feel confident to take charge of their birth AND postpartum experience. Many healthy mothers can birth without medical intervention, but when an intervention is necessary, it’s important that families have their voice heard and receive non-judgmental support for their preferences. Postpartum, a new parent is very vulnerable to the pressures around them and they need support as they navigate the kind of parents they will become. The new parents need to be nurtured, just as they nurture their own baby. As each parent courageously embraces this rite of passage, I am honored to be present.

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Because you have unique needs, I have special training to help you where you need it most. Following right along with my doula philosophy, I desire to empower and equip each family to let their voice be heard, and to treasure their own individual experience. No matter how challenging that might be.

  • VBAC
  • Personalized care
  • Fear reduction
  • Low milk supply
  • Non-judgmental support
  • Spinning Babies
Held by Hope - vbac


This time, you want your birth to be different. 65% of my clients who desired to have a VBAC were able to acheive it.

Held by Hope - personalized care

Personalized care

I can help YOU be your best advocate, or simply hold space for you as you birth your baby at home, in a birth center or hospital. My care is specialized to fit the needs of each individual family.

Held by Hope - fear reduction

Fear reduction

Reduce your fear and anxiety going into birth. I work with each client on guided imagery and relaxation to have the most beautiful birthing experience possible. Many of my clients use Hypnobirthing or Hypnobabies for their birthing time.

Held by Hope - low milk supply

Low milk supply

There are many different ways to increase your supply. Through my personal experience of inducing lactation and going from no milk to nursing my daughter almost exclusively at the breast for two years, I believe every parent can nurse their baby if they desire to—no matter how much milk she has.

Held by Hope - non-judgemental support

Non-judgmental support

Epidural? No Epidural? Eat your placenta or don't? There are many ways to be a mother, I support you as you come to your own decision-- whatever that may be.

Held by Hope

Spinning Babies

With special training by Gail Tully, I can help you discover your baby's ever changing position. The 3 Sisters of Balance will help optimize your baby's position for a smoother, easier birth experience both now and as you birth your baby.