Birth Doula

Birth Doula



Research shows that having a trained birth doula can increase your chances of having a vaginal birth, and decrease your chances of using unwanted medications. But we do so much more than that.

Birth doula Hope Lien of Held By Hope now works in partnership with birth guru Natalia Hals of A Woman’s Design serving all birth clients and bringing them the highest quality birth doula care. Together we offer a wealth of information and bring rich perspectives of experience, while offering a similar calming presence to each family we serve. A personal guide for your birth journey, we will help you navigate the ups and downs of the labor and birth process. Our gentle approach can help you feel supported and cared for in the midst of uncertainty. Your birth doula may help you try different positioning for comfort or to help move the process along, offer a listening ear when you need it, or help you decide when to head to your place of birth. She can help you ask the right questions in the event that interventions arise. She can offer a much needed break to a supportive partner as he goes through his own rite of passage– entering Fatherhood. She can be hands on–physically comforting you with massage, or simply holding space for you when you need her to do so. Working in partnership allows us to always offer you a fresh and well rested doula. You get to spend time getting to know each of us prenatally, so you can be comfortable with either of us attending your birth. You also get both of our expertise– providing you with twice the ideas for comfort measures, positioning and different things to try to help move labor along.

Oh yeah we do that too...

24/7 Support

For those pesky middle of the night questions that you don’t want to waste your time googling.

Partner Support

Since your partner is also becoming a parent in this process and may need a nap (or just a big cup of joe) and something to eat while you birth your baby.

Hip squeezes

Help with remembering all of those positions and comfort techniques you learned weeks ago in that one birth class.


These doulas know the hospital ropes and how to find you a birth ball, create a nest of pillows for you, and find you a cool cloth for your head right when you need it most.

Your biggest fan

Keeping you encouraged and focused on what you were hoping for, and cheering you on even when things go differently than you had imagined.


Opening the lines of communication between you and your provider, supporting family with updates, and helping you navigate tough decisions.

In it for the long haul

Staying with you until you meet your baby, and beyond so you get off on the right foot with breastfeeding and then all get tucked in for a nice long nap.


Understanding that this experience is going to be something you remember for the rest of your life.


Evidence based support as you look at your options and choices.

Birth keeper

Nurturing and protecting your space as you wait to meet your baby.


Connections with many professions that support new parents—to meet you right where you’re at.