Lactation counseling

Lactation counseling

Full Support


Personalized lactation counseling as you and your baby learn the dance of your breastfeeding relationship, whatever that looks like for you. During a two hour session of support in the comfort of your home, Hope can guide you as baby gets latched on, help with positioning, and information about nursing and pumping, and resources. Hope also may refer on when there are more complicated feeding issues, to ensure you get all of the support you need. Specialized expertise in issues with low supply, using an at breast supplemental feeding system, induced lactation or relactation for adoptive breastfeeding, and pumping strategies.

Just because breastfeeding is natural doesn't mean its easy

Get a good latch.

Your nipples will thank you later.

Partner Support

Help involve your partner in the nursing process, and help them feel close to baby in other ways.

Make more milk

Tons of info and support to nurse your baby if you desire to, no matter how much or how little milk you have.

Ideas for how to get more sleep

Tips and ideas so you can all get a little more rest.


Connections with many professions that support nursing mothers— to meet you right where you’re at.

No judgement

Breastmilk or formula? Feeding choices are personal, and I will support whatever method you choose.

Pumping support

Ideas and techniques for how to use and maximize your output.

Supplementation support

Whether it’s figuring out how to finger feed or use an at breast supplementer, this lactation counselor has your back.

Your biggest fan

Keeping you encouraged and focused on what you were hoping for, and cheering you on even when things go differently than you had imagined.

24/7 support

For those pesky middle of the night questions that you don’t want to waste your time googling.

Getting more comfortable

Ideas for various nursing positions and feeling completely supported so you can just relax and nurse your baby.