Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doula

Mary Poppins for New Parents (or Parents Again)


When your partner goes back to work, and you find yourself in need of some extra loving care as a new mother, Hope can help you welcome baby home and gently transition into doing parenthood on your own. She can take care of household duties for you such as tidying up the kitchen or sweeping the floor so that you can focus on getting a nap and not stress over everything piling up. Sometimes a warm bath, a cup of tea and a listening ear for your birth story, or some breastfeeding help are all you really need to make it through your day.  This postpartum doula can take your stir crazy dog for a walk, show you how to give your baby a bath, or help you prep a meal or two. Breathe a big sigh of relief, she’s the non judge-mental support you’ve been wanting as you navigate the world of “advice” for new parents.

Oh yeah we do that too

Welcome baby

Someone to change a diaper, show you how to bathe your baby, infant massage techniques.

Take a nap/shower

Rest easy while a baby pro cares for your new little one.

Wash your dishes

Focus on your baby and let me take care of those.

Fold your laundry

Take care of yourself while that big pile of clothes magically disappears.

Walk your dog

You can stop feeling guilty about your pets getting less attention.

Hang out with the big kid(s)

Or hang out with your baby so you can get some one on one time with their older sibling.

Cook a warm meal

Never fear, you can eat something yummy once again.

Help your baby latch

Regain the confidence that you and your baby know just what to do.

Increase your confidence

Find your path into parenthood. Whatever that looks like for you.

Pick up groceries

When you aren’t quite ready to navigate the store with a babe in tow.

Show you how to wear your baby

Stop letting that really, really long piece of fabric intimidate you.

Make more milk

Tons of info and support to nurse your baby if you desire to, no matter how much or how little milk you have.

Ideas for how to get more sleep

Tips and ideas so you can all get a little more rest.


Connections with many professions that support new parents— to meet you right where you’re at.

No judgement

If you aren’t sure what to agree with, no pressure from me to choose a particular parenting style.

Pumping support

Ideas and techniques for how to use and maximize your output.