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It’s incredibly humbling and such an honor to read these warm testimonials from real (and really awesome) families that I have worked with in the past. You don’t have to take my word for it.

Pallavi Dixit

Everything she did was wonderful! I would say her lactation support was most valuable. She was outstanding in her guidance and support as I began to nurse my newborn. I was extremely nervous about whether nursing would go well, and Hope was with me every step of the way. She helped me to find comfortable positions for nursing and showed me how to adjust my baby’s latch. She allayed all my fears and answered the many many questions I had about milk supply, feeding schedules, pumping, among many other things. I can’t emphasize enough how essential her support was…

My postpartum experience with my second child was so smooth because she was there to guide me and offer her support. I loved that she listened to my concerns and offered guidance accordingly, rather than just imposing her ideas upon me (as other lactation consultants have done). And I was so delighted that she was as concerned about my own well-being as she was about my baby’s.

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Jina Nelson

It was great having someone to explain my birth plan to the hospital staff so that I could focus on my labor. This also allowed my husband focus on me. Having someone there with birth knowledge to pull from so that my husband and myself didn’t have to think and remember all the labor techniques was also a blessing…I didn’t realize how helpful processing the birth and talking about it would be. Going over our birth and seeing her postpartum reminded us of all the preparation we put into our delivery and how because of her help we were able to have our birth plan fulfilled…She will forever be in our thoughts because of how she helped us achieve our ideal birth and avoid a 2nd c section!

Tara Anderson

Hope is patient, loving, calm, a great listener, and very supportive. She has the ability to listen so well and make a person feel cared about. She is gentle in how she approaches babies, children, and myself included. Her approach makes me feel so safe & secure, and I can be myself. This was very important during the birth of our child, but also in the months afterwards… Every time Hope would walk in the door, I knew when she left I would feel energized to approach motherhood again. Whether it was helping me clean & tidy the house, helping me with the kids so I could rest or have alone time, time to take a shower, it was such a boost for me as new mom. I wish all new moms could have the support of Hope! The support has made this transition for our family go well…

The birth of our second baby and having Hope as our doula wasn’t what I expected – it was even better! She is gentle, patient, and attentive. She has a way of making a family feel like they are the most important thing in that moment. She is the kind of person that puts others first, and her approach is one of the most tender kind of care I’ve ever experienced. Hope knew when to step in and help during contractions, and when to let Chris and I have precious moments alone together.

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